Aaron and inch worm

The Spring Thing

Aaron and inch worm

I think we are in the clear. It is mid-May, so I will go out on a limb and say we probably are done with the cold weather.

We have all seen the temperamental nature of Mother Nature this past year so I could always be wrong. Quick! Enjoy it while you can. In Georgia Spring lasts for about three weeks (if you are lucky). This is why weekends in the month of May are crammed with beer festivals, art festivals, festival festivals!

Days like these put me in the mood for spring cleaning, welcoming back my warm weather uniform of ballet flats and full skirts, and spending evenings on the patio. What about you? You only have days before the sweatbox switch is turned on and we are searching for the nearest air conditioned oasis.

Get outdoors. Catch some fresh air, a few rays, and maybe a bug or two.

Aaron squealing over bug


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