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A Few of My Favorite Things – This Mom’s List of Top Things for 2013

  1. The Jackery cell phone charger- Whether you are at a sci-fi convention or just have a kid who wants to watch PBS Kids the entire time you are at Nordstrom Rack (don’t judge), this magic gadget adds 22 hours of talk time or 2-3 charges to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. I continue to bum Joe’s when I need it. Maybe I should get my own. You will never worry about a low battery again!
  2. Chocolate Sombero by Clown Shoes – You knew there would be a beer on my list. This American Imperial/Chocolate Stout packs a punch with an ABV (Alcohol by volume) of 9%;  but just sip it slow. The chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla flavors aren’t overly sweet and it is the perfect warmer for a cold winter day.
  3. NYDJ –  They are called Not Your Daughters Jeans. Does the fact that I like these mean that I have to be a mother? I don’t care. I have two pairs of these and I recommend them for their fit, comfort and resistance to fading after many washings. My butt looks great and so will yours.
  4. NoseFrida Snot Sucker – Our son just turned three and has yet to grasp the concept of blowing his nose. This lovely little contraption has been in our house for years and will be here until he is able to do it on his own. Suction bulbs have nothing on this parent powered suction device that has a disposable filter to guard against. . . you know.
  5. The Walking Dead – If you are not reading the graphic novels, you at least should be watching the show. You aren’t ? Come on. The men are hot and the women kick butt. You do have to look at some icky zombies; but that is a small price to pay for strong characters and compelling story lines.
  6. Sharpies – My 80s Glam pack brings me joy. Just looking at my Sharpies brings me happiness. Ooh the possibilities. (No I don’t sniff them.) I always have at least one black one in my purse.
  7. Stokke Scoot – This little guy has only been with us a few months now but it has earned it’s striped inout household. Mauvering the tightest of holiday displays in department stores is not problem with this stroller. When the world gets too crazy, our son simply pulls down the visor. Perfect.
  8. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day – If your kid has their sticky fingers on everything, followed by their mouths, this is the perfect non-toxic cleaner to take care of the job. I use their all purpose cleaner in the lemon verbena scent to clean as well as have a little aromatherapy.
  9. Shinola Watches – Why do these watches cost $500 and up? Because they are worth it, that’s why. American made in Detroit, these are my new obsession. I am thinking of doing a Kickstarter to raise funds to purchase one. (Yes I need one that bad.)
  10. Sleep – I will definitely be looking forward to getting some of this over the holiday. Mr. Sandman is so glorious yet so elusive; here and then gone; so valuable yet can’t be purchased.

What topped your list of favorite things this year?


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