On the Soapbox. Off the Hook.

Sometimes I need to vent to large audiences who in my delusional state I feel need to hear what I have to say. Did that make sense? With that being said, I recently posted the following rant on Facebook. I put these things on there because I know that I have friends in the world of Facebook who are right wingers, left wingers, and in-betweeners like myself. Knowing that I hope to speak to them not in a political voice but in a common sense one. Please read my words and allow the remarks and comments to build in your head. I would love to hear if you agree with me. . .

So you cut food stamps; but you don’t also try to lower food costs. You don’t want to raise minimum wage; but you want to deny that folks are working 40 hour weeks and still qualify for welfare. You want people to be educated; but you don’t work to lower education costs. You don’t want to pay for healthcare; but you create an environment and grow food that makes people sick. Is this the world’s worst joke or are you simply the world’s biggest asshole?


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