One Picture…Many Little Steps

About one month ago I was packing up clothing of Aaron’s that he had outgrown that was sentimental to us. Putting it in a plastic bin to go into the attic I came across so many of his tiny little shoes. He has gone through many of them and as a shoe-freak many of them mean a lot to me. As I packed them away I got the idea to take a photograph of them (further proof that I have shoe issues).  There are a few pieces of teeny weeny clothing that I would also like to mount in a shadow box – and will do as soon as I figure out how to keep them from yellowing. 

After much deliberation, arranging, and adjustments it made more sense to keep it simple. By just lining them up from smallest to largest worked the best for the photograph. No crazy back ground or camera angles….keeping it simple. As usual that won out. 

This photograph roughly represents his first two years of footwear. The first few months were those cute little socks that look like sneakers; but I decided to leave those out. 

My goal is to do this every two years or until he tires of me saving all of the shoes he has outgrown. I am imagining the foot funk now and calculating the amount of Febreeze I’m going to need.  


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