Digging Up Treasures and Good Eats

Last month Apartment Therapy had a project called The January Cure. Participants received daily emails directing them on how to gradually clean, organize and make the most of their living spaces. Projects that we all have been putting off for weeks, months and years were broken down into small doable tasks. 

Since beginning The Cure I purged my closet(so many things in there that I never wore) and also the kids closet (“donate”, “consign”, “give to new parents” and “return to lender” piles made and distributed as needed). Then I worked in the garage and the built in shelves that lined the walls of it. They had become the junk drawer of our home and have been the dumping place for everything since we moved-in more than a year ago. In my collection of magazines and random recipes I found a mouthwatering concoction that I first had many years ago when I was in St.Thomas. 

It was the brainchild of our host during our stay. Victor is a bartender by trade but this creation makes him a mighty fine cook in my book. This late night improvised meal is still one of the best things I have ever had. 

1 tablespoon of caribbean jerk seasoning
hot sauce(to taste)
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon of pickled ginger
1 grouper fillet(de-boned)
1 cup shrimp(de-viened)
1/4 cup roasted macadamia nuts(chopped)
1/4 cup tablespoons brown mustard
Flour or corn tortilla 

Grill the fish and shrimp with a touch of liquid smoke. Chop both together into 1/4 inch pieces. Mix all of the ingredients together and form it into a loaf on a sheet of aluminum foil. Roll the foil around the loaf and twist the ends to seal. Place the roll into a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. 

Remove from oven and spoon into a hot tortilla. Wrap it up and enjoy. 

If you would like to taste some alcoholic creations by Victor, visit him at JCT Kitchen in Atlanta’s Westside. 


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