Lookin’ Good Little Man

Bear is always an accessory.

Our two year old son has had an opinion on the clothing he wears for a while now. We are on the second pair of worshipped Oscar the Grouch shoes. Read more about this footwear love affair here. Generally speaking when I open the drawer to pull out a shirt or pair of pants he is peering in, looking for his favorites. Those are:

1. Yellow robot shirt
2. Red robot shirt
3. Orange robot shirt (Get the pattern here?)
4. Red Sesame Street shirt
5. Anything with Thomas the Tank Engine on it
6. Jeans

Technically I can say that his favorites aren’t very far off of his dad who is either wearing a beer themed shirt, a Star Wars shirt, or a Star Trek shirt with jeans. That is his uniform. The only time dear old dad strays is if it is really cold out, in which case he wears his long sleeved grey Georgia Tech shirt. 

What can I say, my men like t-shirts and comfy pants.

This kind of throws a wrench in my plan to dress my kid with some sort of style. You see I knew that having a boy would pull significantly less on the purse strings than having a girl would. Free from the obligation of matching bows and 20 pairs of Mary Janes, I knew it would be easier to dress him. However, that does not mean I want him to be a walking billboard for the latest toddler craze everyday. He has at least 25 shirts with some type of dinosaur, robot or Star Wars scene on it. Call me a psycho mom but some days I just want for him to look like one of those cute kids from J Crews’ Crewcuts catalog. Is that too much to ask for? 

Yesterday morning I went to the closet and pulled out an outfit, pictured above, before he even woke up. I pulled him out of bed, changed his pull-ups and had him in this adorable ensemble before he even knew what was happening. I never opened the magic t-shirt drawer so he never had an option. 

The black cords were a gift from his grandmother and the half-zip sweater is by Lands End but I got it for $4.00 at Jack and Jill Consignment Store in Avondale Estates.  

I was so pleased with how he looked I had to snap a photo as I had no idea if that tactic would ever work again. Surprisingly enough it work this morning as well. This kid is going to dress cool and it won’t be a struggle. 

Just to let you know how life works, when I went to pick him up from daycare he was wearing his emergency pants. There was a diaper fail and the black cords fell victim to it. Oh poo.


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