Getting My Shit Together…Literally

After having been in our townhome for more than a year now things, for me at least, were starting to get cluttered. The usual spaces started getting crazy. The closet that I share with my husband was one of the biggest offenders. It is so easy to throw things on the shelf, pile shoes on the floor, and forget half of the things you own during the morning rush. 

Apartment Therapy has been doing a month long event called The January Cure. Step by step, day by day, they lead you in making your home life a cleaner, more organized one. My first task was to clear out all of the old clothes from Aaron’s closet. Now that clothing has gone to a children’s shelter, a box for spring consignment and a bag for a friend’s 3-month old son, that task is complete. I hope to make a few more changes like these I also saw on the AT website. As a kid grows so does their stuff. I hope to continue to wrangle it in and keep it managed. 

Next up was our closet. I did not take any photos of the before because it was a wreck! Instead I choose to capture beautiful after photos. 

The size 11 shoe high-rises! 

I can now quickly find my necklaces. Yes these are silverware bins.

Some of the purses, wallets and belts now easily visible.

Close up of wallets and clutches. I’d forgotten I had half of these.

Once ironing is done I will post complete pics of the entire completed closet and the top shelf that had become a dumping ground for EVERYTHING. 


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