Toys 4 Tots Birthday

A few of Aaron’s toys

Pictured above are a few of the toys that my soon to be 2-year old has collected. Needless to say we own a lot of plastic and sadly quite a few things that were made in China. At his first birthday party he enjoyed eating cupcakes and being social with guests. He did enjoy his new blocks and toy drum but those weren’t the highlight of his day. Friends and family were what made him smile the most.

With his birthday being in the same month as Christmas my husband and I decided to shake things up for his second celebration. In lieu of birthday presents we are asking each guest to bring an unwrapped toy for us to donate to Toys 4 Tots. This decision has been met with so much support and I am very glad that we are doing it. Between the two grandmas we know our house will be overflowing with Thomas the Tank Engine and all of the accessories that come with. Who knows if by next year he will have a list of requests we will gladly like help in purchasing. This time we will share some of our blessings with children who aren’t as fortunate. 

My wish is that he looks back on this spirit of giving and have it grow and help him become a truly contributing member of society. 

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