Sweet? Stalker? Or bribe? 

This week is my first working at my alma mater, Georgia State University.It has been a whirlwind of visits to human resources, orientation and auxiliary services offices in an effort to get paid and get my car in a campus parking space. In the middle of all of this running I have also taken numerous trips down memory lane.  

From the fall of 1989 to the spring of 1995 I called these hallowed halls my home. I grew as a person and had priceless experiences while I was here. I still have many of the friends that I made during that time and as I have grown so has the university. Many things here have changed since I was a co-ed. For example the student population has grown from 25,000 to 38,000 students since I graduated and the school has legitimate dormitories. But I quickly realized that many things have remained the same. Apparently there is a spot called the Park Bar that offers a 3-2-1 drink special. 3 drinks, for the price of 2, served in 1 glass.  This is the type of deal that my friends and I would have been all over in the early 90s when Fat Tuesday at Underground was a part of our daily schedule. My Pearlcorder was my best buddy as it allowed me to tape all of the lectures I needed from classes that had the misfortune of being scheduled prior to happy hour. Advice to the novice: grain alcohol and taking notes do not mix!  

While making a purchase in the university bookstore I was given the bill pictured above back as change. I was watching the cashier the entire time so I know this note and number was not intended for me. It reminded me however of days gone by when I would have done something just as daring/stupid with my friends. I would like to add that we would not have sent that note via cash!! What the hell man?  Is this girl made of money? 
A friend also voiced the possibility that this was a bribe which is the saddest thought ever. However you see it, there is no denying that it comes from a place of innocence, fun and stupid youth. My early 20s were dotted with may bad moves when it came to romance to I won’t bash the lovelorn and their methods too much. 

17 years later I can honestly say that I would still pass a note like that onto a guy my friend was interested in; but it would be plain paper and not a greenback. This university taught me a lot about life, what I should give away and what I should hold dear. It taught me that five bucks might get your friend the possibility of a date; but it will definitely get you closer to that 3-2-1 drink!  


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