Ahhh Leon’s/30030

For my wonderful 40th birthday Joe took me to Leon’s Full Service. Now for many this may seem really weak. I mean, this place is reasonably priced, does not take reservations, and has a kid at just about every table. However, I can honestly say it was the perfect place to celebrate this occasion. Joe and I pride ourselves on being parents who have not forgot the things we loved before we had little Aaron. We have not stopped loving beerfests, hanging at the park and walking to shops and restaurants. You CAN do that with a kid in-tow. It takes a bit of planning and about 15 more minutes but it can be done. Walking into Leon’s was like finding a patch of people like us. The food was amazing(hello chicken liver croquettes), the beer top notch, and the vibe….well behaved cute kid/smart parent nirvana.

Midway through our meal we both agreed that the 30030 zip code would go on our lists of neighborhoods of choice for our real estate agent. We already love Brickstore Pub, Taqueria del Sol and the other tiny shops in the area. The MARTA station (for Joe’s airport commute) and walkability to the library, Publix and short drive to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market are just the cherry on top. And Leon’s….well that was as if a photo of our family was sitting there waiting on us. Just where I wanted to be where I turned 40. Married, with great kid and life.


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