Sunday December 5th

Sitting around with Joe in a semi quiet state. Sunday is such a mellow time and technically this could be the last time we are able to have a Sunday like this for a long time. He has NPR on low and I am listening to Florence and the Machine on my IPod. While we do need to go to Target our goal is to make it out before 4pm. I think that is a good goal for the day.

My doc said she didn’t think I would make it to my due date. Heck she didn’t think I would make it through this weekend but we shall see. I have an appointment to see her tomorrow morning so we will see if I have advanced past my 3cm and 80% effacement that I was at last week. People are throwing labor triggering ideas at us. Last night his friend told us nipple stimulation at us and this morning Joe read that some type of red leaf tea has been known to do it also. It just so happends we have some of that tea in the pantry. I will first try walking some stairs. Today is his last day of being on reserve and the chances are really slim that they will call him in. I can safely begin my strategies to get this baby out of me. We are so excited to see if it is a boy or a girl and what it will look like.  


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