Concentration, Meditation, Determination and Stamina

With 17 weeks to go I am preparing my mental and physical self for childbirth. To go about this thing naturally I know that I will have to prepare myself for the wildest sensations and emotions ever. My research has led me to my old friends relaxation, stamina, and yoga. In learning different breathing and focusing techniques for going through labor I realized I have used many of these before.

I didn’t make it though my first hilly 10K without focusing on my breathing, pulling the power from within me and taking it mile by mile. By mile four my legs were on such auto-pilot I remember being amazed at how quickly I conqured the final miles.

In my 95 degree hot yoga class not only was I successful and happy in every pose, the initial agony of the brutally hot and humid room simply faded away. Had focus and meditation done that for me? I think so. I recall actually embracing the heat as it allowed me to stretch and twist further than I had ever before.

Several years ago Joe purchased a blood pressure machine to keep tabs on his own health and I welcomed the chance to compete with him to see who had the lowest numbers. To this day, no matter who comes over and chooses to play the blood pressure game, I am the winner. And if I feel that I can still make that number lower I sit in focus. By taking deep calming breaths and relaxing my entire self I am able to drop my blood pressure even more in a matter of minutes.

In choosing to go naturally in childbirth I am learning the extent to which I will have to breathe, focus, and use all of my tools to deliver our child into the world.  Luckily I have a great doctor who has not judged my fear of needles in my spine and only offered suggestions and support in how to prepare for it. Joe fully supports my decision and knows that his role is to hold my hand, possible jab a tennis ball into my back, and keep people from being too cheerleader-y or rubbing me. Both of which will get you hit or cursed out on a good day and I am realistic about what the power of meditation and focus can control.

I am blessed.


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