Moore Organic Food for Us

Joe and I can’t wait to pick up our first box of organic food from Moore Farms and Friends. This southern region group of organic farmers offers up their goods every week for $20 and $30 a box. Selections include fruits and vegetables but you are also able to add cage free eggs, grass fed beef, and dairy products.

When you know what you are eating you then realize what you don’t want to eat. When I was trying to concieve I made the effort to rid my diet of garbagy chemicals and pesticides. I am a firm believer that when you eat garbage you become garbage on the inside. My goal was to make the best environment possible for our little person to thrive. Many people say, “My mom did not buy special foods when she was pregnant with me.”, to that I respond, “She didn’t have to.” In the past 30 years food companies have cut cost corners by using cheaper chemical ingredients instead of real ingredients in their foods. When we make these substitutions they can have drastic effects. Not only have these foods combined with our sadly sedentary lifestyles led to higher obesity numbers; they have also changed the chemical makeup of our youth. Do you think it is just a fluke that girls are showing signs of puberty as early as seven years old? I don’t.

You can keep the chemically crap, thanks.  


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