Work It Out!

Hambone at 20 weeks

My initial bout of nesting has passed. I think it has something to do with the fact that Joe completely rearranged the bedroom which also means it is cleaner. The move allows for more floor space on my side of the bed so I will be able to nurse easily if we decide to have Hambone sleep in the same room as us. We are open to whatever works best and think we have made room for all of those options.

I am doing my best to keep up with my cardio. Sunday morning I made it out to walk at Piedmont Park for 2 miles. Trying to keep healthy, eat healthy, and gain the right amount of weight before each doctors visit isn’t easy. I am trying to never “get hungry”. Before I got pregnant once I got to a point where I felt hungry I knew I had a very small window in which to eat before I got crazy and migrainey(I know that is not a word). I really don’t want to get that way with baby so I always have crackers or a granola bar stashed in my purse just in case.

Hambone enjoys kicking and Joe has been able to feel some big kicks. After looking at the ultrasound I felt bad for how cramped it appears the little one is in there. In the above picture there knee was actually bent up to their nose. Oh well, the big stretch out comes in December. Speaking of, I am currently wrapping my head around meditation, breathing and all of the tricks of natural labor. I think the most important thing to know is that this will a feeling like no other and the reality is I am squeezing a human out of me. It will not be a walk in the park!!


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