A Crazy is Born!

I have become a nesting freak. To my, and my husbands dismay I have becaome a bit crazy about getting things ready for Hambone’s arrival this December. It is sad. It is a sad sitation as I look at every little thing that I want to be this way or that and it drives me crazy. Apparently this phase begins some where around 5 months and mine began right on time. I actually found bliss and join in emptying an entire package of Mexican Coke’s into the fridge and taking all of the subsequent cardboard down to recycling. That was at 7:30 this morning.  It felt like a major achievement.

On a brighter note the baby is in major kicking mode now. Joe got to feel a big kick last night ans it was awesome to share that moment for him. I am sure it felt more real to him as not only has he seen it on the ultrasound screen; but he has also felt the force of the baby with his own hands.


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