Gobble Gobble

On this Wednesday before Thanksgiving I would like to give thanks for a few things. I am thankful to all of the stores who do not have Christmas decorations up yet. Hello Macy’s can you please give Thanksgiving a chance????? Yesterday evening while dining at Five Seasons Brewing I noticesdthat they had decorated the tables and bar with gourds. Such an approproate choice given it is FALL and not WINTER. I actually saw artificial snow/praypaint in a window! Ewwwwww.

I am also thankful to Krispy Kreme donuts for these new small fruit filled pies they are making now. They are so amazingly portable. While they do cause me to hit the running trails even harder, their glazed goodness is totally worth it!

Finally I am thankful for the Witches Brew Blog. Their posting showing the cellulite on Rhianna’s legs makes me not feel so bad about the glazed pies!

Be thankful!


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