Stupid Americans

The number one reason I like New Balance shoes is that they are made in AMERICA!!! Imagine that! Actually wearing a pair of shoes that was constructed in this country. Now not all of their shoes are actually made here so I have to check out the label on the tounge. And of course this means that I have to pay more for those. You know Sallie Ann actually needs to make at least minimum wage while whoever the cat is who sews shoes in China has no idea what minimum wage is! I am willing to shell out the extra dollars for my countrymen and women instead of paying over $100 for Nike’s that are made in Bangladesh.
As my running increases it is obvious that I will need two pair of shoes so that I am able to switch off between the two. The latest object of my desire is the 993 model. While it is $129.00 (on sale) it is totally worth it. Stepping into these shoes is like having a slice of heaven on your feet and I fear I will have to make the investment. Impeccable fit, stability, and comfort are worth it and when it comes to your feet. And look at that cute USA on the back of the shoe. Hello style!!!!

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