Registry of Dreams

Yesterday Joe and I spent the evening running errands. We now see how old married couples find joy in their Saturday outings. First stop..yet another donation to Goodwill of a computer desk he has had for years. Do I have to tell you how happy I was to see it go?? We dropped off my wedding dress(the bottom of it is a mess) to our wonderful cleaner Vivian who greeted us with an awesome wedding gift of crystal martini glasses. She is amazing and we are lucky to have such a nice person as a business owner in our neighborhood.

We ended up at Bed Bath and Beyond to make good of many of the giftcards we received as gifts. We are now the proud owners of stainless steel cookware that is DISHWASHER SAFE. The previous non-stick pans were great but the fact that they couldn’t go into the diswasher KILLED! We also picked up canisters that can be used with the sealer his mom got us. Who knew there were so many ways to seal food!!!? We returned home and began unpacking, washing, and putting things away; and making room for other gifts. Joe quickly became addicted to the sealing canisters which he used to store coffee and the contents of a half eaten box of Joe’s-Os Cereal. The man is addicted. My highlight of the evening was learning that the cubbard over the fridge was virtually empty! Jackpot of more storage space.

My new wifey side came out when I announced, ” I thought I would wait until I had the ring on my finger to get all design psycho on you.” Then I forced him to make a decision about what would be hung where on our walls. I will take pictures of our progress. Yay decorating!!!

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