Joe and I have been married for one week and three days now and it rocks! I welcomed him home yesterday with a dinner of corn souffle, salad, and GET YO’ MAN CHICKEN. It is an easy to do meal that I learned from the Neely’s. Here is the how to.

As we begin home-making, we find that we have a lot of things to sort, trash, repurpose, and donate. I honestly believe that I will be on a first name basis with the donation collectors at the neighborhood Goodwill very soon. After each clean-out and clean-up project there always ends up being a pile that I have to offer up to Joe. Do you want to keep this? Do we really need another one of these? Amongst today’s donation was an actual coffee carafe. When in the world did this man ever use this thing???

Space is at a premium in our one-bedroom condo and I want to cleverly make every inch work in our favor. To help me in this quest I have been looking towards for ideas. This sister website to gives newlyweds tips on everything from buying a home to getting pregnant and is overflowing with decorating ideas.
Today’s job…..what to hang on the walls??? Wish us luck!


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