Allow me to be very highschoolish when I say that I do watch The City(God forgive me) and one of the people on the show needs to eat NOW!!! Allie Crandell is a model living in NYC who has worked for Diesel Jeans and works for One Model Management. She is rail thin. So thin in fact that when I see her in tank tops bones stick out that I didn’t even know were there. Her thigs are a mere suggestion of a body part. Most times she looks like a pissed off alien leading me to believe she is actually from another planet is about to eat her model boyfriend.

I usually chat about all things wedding but I have to say that this chick is nasty. And I know there are people out there who secretly watch the show and feel the same way that I do.(Nikki, this one’s for you!)

Master of all things fashion show Kelly Cutrone even asked Allie, “Are you o.k? You are so skinny”. Dang, this woman books all the skinny girls for fashion shows and she thinks this girl needs to eat? That is a bad sign. It was nice to hear someone say that they don’t hire too skinny girls. After all of the hoopla from Italy a few years back about unhealthy runway models it is good to see an American in the business saying the same thing.

As for Ms. Allie, maybe I could Fed-Ex a box of Krispy-Kremes to her c/o MTV.


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