When You Don’t Eat The Terrorists Win

Since purchasing my wedding gown from Bridals By Lori I have been obsessing over my weight. I actually fit into a size 10 gown and considering they size the things wayyy tiny that was a major achievement for me. To keep my weight as-is and maybe even drop a few lbs I have been trying to cut 500 calories from my diet each day. Through a combination of constantly taking count of everything I munch on and burning upwards of 500 calories in the gym downstairs I have managed to drop 3 pounds. Considering I have been doing this for the last three weeks I am right on target.

This weekend however you could say that I fell off of the wagon. Friday I had dinner with Nicole and Reggie. Nicole made stromboli which is the devil!!! Satan I tells ya! Made with three different types of pork and a ton of cheese this carb wrapped goodness is amazing and NOT fat free. Add that to the two rum and cokes that I had and I cna definitely say I had more than 1500 calories that day. Who cares!!! She was kind enough to give the recipe she snagged off of http://www.foodnetwork.com/ . I highly recommend it.

Saturday I met Alicia for a long overdue evening at Six Feet Under. This is one of our favorite restaurants in town and seeing as her hubby hates seafood we made it our “just us girls” spot. No matter what the time, day, or mood we always start with calamari with extra jalapenos as an appetizer. We were happy to learn that they have added pieces of fried zuccini to the dish and have made the portion bigger. Sadly they have also made the price bigger too.(I remember stores saying that prices were going up because of rising fuel costs but now that gas is back under 2 bucks a gallon what is their excuse? Just wondering.) The dish is $9.95. For the main course I enjoyed their blackened catfish with killer coleslaw and fried okra. I washed it down with the new Atlanta import Yuengling beer. Technically I was having healthy fish and veggies… but technically I am not going to lie to myself. Battered and fried will always be my number 1 way to enjoy vegtables.

I spent my Sunday getting back on the wagon by drinking lots of water and skipping the fried stuff. However if you don’t have an overpriced dress to fit into any time soon go out and eat. Restaurants are hurting for business right now and what better way to say God bless America and get our economy moving than by having a Coronary Bypass burger from the Vortex!!!!


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