Atlanta Arts Festival

Have I said how much I love Piedmont Park. We are getting married there because not only because of its beauty but for all of the great things it offers.

The drought has meant sad times for Screen on the Green and many other events that are usually held there; but the Atlanta Arts Festival still managed to book it this past weekend. Joe and I went down on Friday and had a great time looking at the works of and talking to many of the artists. (Word to the wise, the crowds are thin on the opening nights of these festivals. You can actually meet with the artists due to small crowds).

There was an amazing metalwork artist named G.M. Webb from Texas. He is self taught and twists copper and aluminum wire in to masks that are amazing. Here are two of his pieces. He has a great website with many other pieces.

We also had the chance to talk with painter Geoffrey Aaron Harris. His main influences are retro toys and arcade games. He works in acrylics and watercolors. Very cool…

Great pieces for decorating a kids or gameroom. His website is

Chris Hartsfield of Daphne, Alabama was there with his paintings and we are big fans. He does watercolors of city streets, wine and spirits and nautical themes. I am always amazed by those who can master such a messy medium as watercolors. I bought Joe one of his pieces for Christmas and we are looking forward to adding to our collection. Maybe we can add some of our favorite pieces to our wedding registry. His reprints are very affordable and after taking a trip to Sam Flax for a frame you officially have real art in your home!

See more of his work at
After seeing all of the art we enjoyed a dinner of nachos at Willy’s. I don’t know if I will ever be able to live in an area now where I cannot walk to things. Especially when you are walking alongside great neighbors with cute kids and dogs. I am thoroughly spoiled now.

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