Oh My Honkin!!!

I recently got an email from my friend Brandi who is in graduate school at SUNY Courtland. She is from Tuscaloosa, AL and has taught me the virtue of not cursing..instead yelling things like, “Oh my HONKIN’!” and “WHAT THA’ JUNK!”

Anyway she is from a small town, but Courtland, NY is a teeny town. The photo above is one she took out of her car window. My response was, “B, you are in the KON-TREE!!” . In her colorful emails she explains how the town goes completely dark at 10. And she means street lights and everything else are turned off. She also cries about how there is no Mexican food there. And let me tell you the girl can eat her Mexican. Apparently the nearest thing to it is a Moe’s and that is a 45 minute drive away. At the end of the last email she sent me she reccommended we all pig out on Mexican if we had the chance to make up for the fact that she cannot. Today I am taking her up on that request. Nuevo Laredo here I come!!!
If you are not in the mood for Mexican you can help offset Brandi’s lack of sweet tea. They have none of it up there and that is killing her too. Drink up! Eat up! It is Friday!!!

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