Mario Lopez Sold His Soul to the D-Man

Let’s get real here. We all know that I am nothing but stating a fact with the above statement. Not that his body isn’t banging but how else do you explain how AC Slater made it to this People Magazine award of Sexiest Bachleor??? I am sure that if we reviewed his celebrity stock this time last year you could get him for less than a quarter. Is it that he paid his dues hosting or being a contestant on a bevy of reality tv shows??? Look on IMDB he has done a million of them including but not limited to:

Many Miss Teen and one Miss Universe and Miss America pagents, including the 2007 Miss Teen USA pagent where he got to ask that dumb blonde the question whose answer was heard round the world.
Pet Star???
Hollywood Squares??
50 Greatest Movie Animals??
Extreme Dodgeball??
Battle of the Network Stars(although I do love this show, you won’t see Ron Howard on there)
ESPN Hollywood
The Other Half(A male version of the View with Danny Bonaduce)
Dancing with the Stars

He never did porn or an episode of that horrible Private I show with Pam Anderson but you see what I mean. But looking at his resume he has always been working.No matter how random the TV movie he has always had work. And I am going to say was always working out because his chest is amazing.

It would appear that his work in never remembered TV movies was simply the lion waiting to strike. In 2006 he made his move when he stepped up to the Bold and the Beautiful soap opera and then in that same year was cast in Nip Tuck as a hottie whose good looks actually makes vain Dr. Troy jealous. Is that what you have to do? Play a character who mentally spanks one of television’s greatest bad boys??? Shortly following that he auditioned for The Price Is Right, but lost that spot to Drew Carey. Then he auditioned for America’s Best Dance Crew, and got the job. I will admit that I think he is a great host. The boy has the chops for the job but how has he flown under the rader for so long and then this year won the role of Zach in A Chorus Line on Broadway!!!! That is a real acting job isn’t it? And now this People Magazine thing?

Maybe he is just a hard worker who knows that never giving up pays off. He has stuck with it since playing a Mexican American with a fake last name and has finnaly gotten his due? Possibly he works out every minute of the day to make his abs have abs??

Naaaaw, I am sure he sold his soul.


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