Thank You Millionaire Mommy

There is a great blog by a woman who calls herself the Millionaire Mommy Next Door. She spouts wisdom on saving money, getting out of debt and investing. She has taught me quite a lot… and not in that crazy Suzy Ormond way. Although Suzy does make several valid points sometimes she can be annoying. The millionaire mommy talks to you like she is a smart and wise older sister. Why am I telling you this? First of all I am successfully getting rid of some debt while building my savings. Secondly, my need to be a successful saver has cut a fabulous purse find right out of my fashion future.
I found an awesome Spring 2008 season Tracy Reese handbag at MARSHALLS. I know hard to believe right! The price…$79.99. When you vist the TR site the bag is listed at $199.99. Quite a bargain I know. I have posted a photo to the left. Why did I return said bargain to the strore? Not buyers remorse but my new found savers-greed. It was a great bag, but do you that with tax that is nearly $100. I could put that towards my VISA or in my ING savings account for my fabulous winter trip to St.Thomas. My vision has officially become tunnel. Now while I do not restrict myself to no shopping I am sticking to my budget and only buying things I need that don’t scream, “That is how much! That would sooo boost my savings account”.
I encourage you all to visit their sites by clicking on the links above and learning a few tips from two really smart women. And if you are good on savings go to the Marshalls in Buckhead. Maybe the bag is still there.


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