Things to Do in Atlanta This Weekend…



Every year Atlanta and its surrounding areas manage to cram every possible fun ass event into one month – October. Chances are if you are planning on doing something fun this weekend, you had a hard time choosing that thing over five other fun things. And on Monday you will find out about five other things that you would have loved to do but didn’t even know were happening. DAMN YOU A-TOWN!!!!!

Here are a few options for you if you are in our fair city this weekend and have finished your Halloween costume:


I Will Gladly Eat Veggies on Tuesday for a Hamburger on Monday

Due to my need to eat this wonderful Texas Burger with a side of sweet potato fries, and a tasty IPA at The Imperial on Monday…


Stop licking the screen


Mama had to make amends at dinner on Tuesday and prepare this groovy Blueberry and Corn salad. We had it with baked sweet potatoes, kale slaw, and fruit salad. Seeing as our Monday obviously was not meatless, I thought I’d celebrate vegetables on Tuesday.


I stumbled across the recipe at A Healthy Life for Me and thought it was so pretty. The kid loves cucumber, blueberries, and corn so how could it not be a winner. Also, it was perfect for my need to bring my body back from the brink of hypertension after that hot mess of a kick ass burger.

Everything in moderation. Even moderation.

Eat well!