Instead of this page being a hub for beautiful things I have cooked and stylish cocktails I have mastered I am being realistic. It will predominately be a page of things I would love to make. We all have 10,000 recipes posted on Pinterest of things that we are sure we are going to make; but how many of them have you actually gotten around to making? Yeah me too, there is no shame in that dream filled pinning game. So you will see some great things on here, things that I would like to eat.

And I promise that I will let you know if I really do make them. I’m sure they will be grand!


July 1, 2014

These Yummy Picnic Bowls

Status update: Success! Visit the now updated blog post with my tweaks to the recipe and the pretty results. 


June 30, 2014

This Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwich 
Status update: I bought dates but they immediately went funky. How do you pick those things out?? Will try again.





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