Friday Optimism



Something happens on Fridays. If you work a Monday through Friday job like I do, there is a little bit more spring in your step on this day. My officemate and I refer to this as “Friday Optimism”. No matter what goes down on this day, it doesn’t matter as the following day is Saturday –  the best day ever.

I am feeling very optimistic today and am looking forward to trying to get a few things done this weekend.  Let’s see how many of these I actually do:


Have you made any amazing plans for the weekend? Take a cue from the stormtroopers and have a great time, enjoy the ones you’re with…and maybe have some ice-cream.

Photo courtesy of ChicaD58 at Flickr Commons


Decatur summer night

We Have Reached the Halfway Point

Decatur summer night

Summer nights at the Decatur Square

I think the 4th of July holiday can count as the official halfway point of summer. I passed an elementary school yesterday with a sign that read “SCHOOL STARTS AUG 4th!” The way the new rules go, kids start school in the heat of it all rather than the month of September. No matter what the board of education says as long as the weather is warm beaches call our name (I recommend Hilton Head) and the latest good book fill our brains.

Don’t lose hope that summer is ending, there are still pools, pedicures, and parties to be had. And you don’t need to leave town to relax and reboot. That weekly two-day holiday called Saturday and Sunday are always full of possibilities.