2014 in lights!

What Was I Thinking?


2014 in lights!


This year I have a few things going on. Stay tuned to this blog or to my Twitterfeed @mpinkelton to see if I make it through without falling flat on my face. A few to-dos on the calendar include:

  • Taking the GRE
  • Applying to graduate school
  • Going on a cruise for our 5th Anniversary
  • Going to Beer, Bourbon and BBQ at Atlantic Station
  • Competing for the first time in the Warrior Dash
  • Attending my first TED
  • Attending my first Geekend
  • Doing Dragon *Con with my husband
  • Participating in Leadership DeKalb
  • Working with two local non-profits as a board member

I must be out of my mind right? The easiest way to get through it all successfully is to be realistic about my goals, smart with my time, and grateful that I have supportive family and friends to help see me through 2014!

I think I will call it the “Year of Maria”. That sounds vain; but if I can’t be vain at 42 when can I be vain!

Here I go.


Master’s Oh Master’s. I’m Talking Degrees, Not Slavery!

Recently I had an informational interview at Georgia Tech to find out more details about their School of Technology, History and Society. It was a great visit. I was most happy to learn that most of their Master’s level students are part-time and have worked in the real world for quite some time. I am looking forward to others with good life experience. Not that noobs don’t have a lot to offer; but us seasoned folks have a bit more flavor. Being with individuals who have the same educational goals as I do; but who come from various backgrounds and experiences is very exciting to me.

With this new found knowledge I have been face deep in GRE study cards. Praise Jesus the powers that be there do not expect my math scores to be high, although I don’t want to look like an idiot in that department. This is Georgia TECH after alI. ┬áVocabulary and writing will be graded highly though. While I think I am rather well versed and articulate, Magoosh GRE Flashcards, and GRE Wordly are two aps that I am getting friendly with.

Off to study some math basics and a bit of vocabulary. When was the last time you used the word “aspirant”?