I’d Like to Eat – Teriyaki Chicken


Chicken Teriyaki
Apparently all of my friends have clicked the “like” button of the Tasty page on Facebook. If you don’t know about it, Tasty posts quick recipes for all types of great dishes. Friends frequently share recipes that they are interested in,  but I’m fairly certain they’ve never actually cooked any of them. I’m not being bitchy when I say that either. If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I have pinned a ton of recipes that look decadent and wonderful, but truth be told, I have cooked very few of them. We all do it!

Recently I have been trying to prepare real food and not rely so much on take out and grocery store rotisserie chicken. I am at home quite a bit and have the time to cook from scratch. When I saw this One Pot Chicken Teriyaki recipe in my timeline yesterday I thought “Why not?!” We have a rice cooker so instead of making this dish all in one pot, I used a rice cooker and one pot. The ingredient list isn’t too long, most of the items are probably already in your pantry and it took me less than 30 minutes to prepare it. The only challenge I had with the recipe is that they somehow forgot to tell us at what point we should add the veggies to the pot. I decided to add them in between steps 6 and 7.  We enjoy our veggies cooked but still firm so this was perfect. I also left out the Sriracha and simply put the bottle on the table so that Joe and I could add it to our own dishes. Oddly enough our five year old isn’t a huge fan of spicy food. How did it taste? Divine! The flavors were well balanced with the honey and soy sauce complimenting, not over powering, the other flavors. We all ate two servings which sadly meant there were no leftovers for a late night fridge raid.

Looking for a beverage to pair with your meal? I highly recommend something not too complex but with flavor that doesn’t get lost in the food. Go with Sierra Nevada IPA or Three Taverns Brewing’s Prince of Pilsen .

What are you eating?



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