Homemade Ornaments – Glittery Acorns

Glitter acorn ornament in gold.

After several nature walks early this fall Aaron and I had amassed quite a collection of acorns. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with them so they say for a while.

And as so many things happen these days, I was in Pinterest and saw the cutest decorations made out of them and had to copy them.

Tools needed for acorn ornaments:
-lots of acorns with the tops (cupule) and branch stem attached
– Krazy glue
– Glitter in colors of your choosing
– Parchment paper
– Baking twine or packing string( the more thin the better)
– Small bowl or cup

Step 1: Make sure all acorn tops are attached. Wiggle them a bit to test. If any pop off reattach with Krazy glue.
Step 2: Cut string into three inch length pieces. One for each acorn. Tie the string around the stem and knot it twice. Bring the two halves of string together and knot it at the ends creating a loop to hang on tree branch or to attach to ornament hook.
Step 3: Fill bowl or cup with glitter.
Step 4: Lay large sheet of parchment paper on table next to bowl of glitter.
Step 5: Holding the acorn by the twine cover the nut entirely with Krazy glue. Dip glue covered nut into glitter. Completely cover in glitter. Lay on parchment paper to dry.
Step 6: Repeat steps until all acorns are covered.

This is not a craft for the wee kids as the glue can get messy in less mature hands, but older children will love it.

Happy decorating!




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