Apples on a counter top

My Greatest Mistake

Apples on a counter top

After trying to make a Bourbon Apple Pie for thanksgiving and forgetting to buy a crust, and getting phyllo instead of puff pastry dough for the top, I was pretty pissed. I had already begun the preparation of the filling, was halfway through a beer, and was not going back to the store. After explaining the apple (no pie) a la mode dessert possibility to my husband, his response, ” Just serve the filling alongside the ice cream.” That’s why I married him folks!

For all of you who want something yummy and easy here is the recipe.

Two cans of apple pie filling(spiced or not spiced)

One tablespoon fresh ground cinnamon

1/2 cup brown sugar

One tablespoon All Spice

1/4 cup Jim Beam Bourbon

1/4 cup Apple Jack or Apple Brandy

One teaspoon of vanilla extract

Throw it all in a bowl and bake it at 350 for 20 minutes. Serve over ice-cream.





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