Lego Club Magazine cover

What We Are Reading – November 5th


Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein

Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein


As usual the husband has his face in a book that food/drink themed. This is a great one for us beer geeks seeking our future conquests. It is also a good choice for people who may be afraid of the amount of beer choices out there and want a friendly guide.


Lego Club Magazine cover

Lego Club Magazine

This magazine is good for kids who love legos, want to know why the newest sets are and who love new ideas on what to build. This magazine is bad for parents who are tired of stepping on those damn things. Bring into your home at your own risk!!



Fast Company Magazine

Fast Company Magazine

This magazine serves as news, homework, and dream fuel. I learn what some of the greatest minds in the world are doing to improve the status quo. Every month I look forward to seeing what the power players think are the best new apps and websites. No matter what your field of business; if you are a technology/innovation nerd you will love this magazine.


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