What We Are Reading – October 3rd

Nicely Said by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee

Nicely Said by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee

I have been wanting to read this book for a while but never made the time to do it. Other things (sleep and Pinterest), books, and magazines keeping jumping ahead of it in my “Books to Read” line. Now that I finally cracked it open I love it. It is valuable for both my professional writing as well as my personal blog content development and editing. If you write for any reason you need to put the pen down, back away from the keyboard, and soak up this knowledge.


What If? by Randall Munroe

While I have my face in a book about writing, my husband has his face in a book about everything else. In this book each chapter is devoted to answering one weird question. How many Lego would it take to build a bridge from here to Europe? If there was a robot apocalypse how long would we survive? These are two of the chapters people. See what I mean by weird? If you follow xkcd.com you will love this book by the same author. Random and ridiculous, educational and entertaining; if you have a sense of humor you are going to love this one.


What are you reading?


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