Shoes To Do This Fall

Every girl loves shoes: but I have the challenge of loving shoes while having large feet. A size 11 to be exact. Many times I have fallen in love with footwear only to find that it does not come in my size. In the beginning my heart would break a wee bit each time; but now I just shun the company for not making their shoes large enough! Big foot woman unite!

This season I wanted to add some new shoes to my wardrobe and stumbled upon a few that tickled my fancy. Two pairs are realistic for my world and paycheck; while the one style costs more than I pay for daycare in a month. I welcome any contributions you would like to make as my digital friends and family to these fabulous footwear works of art.

First up, these ankle strap wedges by Clarks. Wedges are always comfortable and the style works for work and play. Fly London makes a similar style but their size 11 feels like a size 9 on my boats. Come on people, get with the program and size your shoes correctly.

Mary Jane Wedge

Clarks Artisan Wedges


Leopard has become a go-to neutral print in footwear for me. This pair of loafers arrived at my door yesterday and I am in love with them. Coach has always been good to me and I have never tried on any shoe by them that did not fit like a glove. These feel like slippers while still being perfect for business.

Cheetah Loafers

Coach Leopard Frederica Loafers


I love kitten heels and herringbone so these shoes are meant for me. Michelle Obama rocks this style a lot and like her I am proud to be a tall woman; but at the same time I don’t always want to tower over my husband. The $225 price rage is a bit steep so I will be taking donations for these. Email me for the address to send your checks to.

Via Spiga Kitten Heels

Via Spiga Kitten Heels

I know you are asking when would I wear glitter boots; but my question to you is when WOULDN’T I wear them. I would instantly become a superhero wearing these things and with a block heel and squared toes box they’d be hella comfy too. Watch me be a trend setter by bringing glitter shoes into the workplace. Even men will want to wear these boots after I start rocking them. They do cost $1395 and I have yet to find them in my size; but if the universe wants for me to have them it will happen. See how I am zen about my fashion.

Glitter Boots

Saint Laurent Glitter Boots

What shoes are you coveting and wearing this season?


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