A Few of My Favorite Things This Week


Here are just a few of the things that I’m loving/longing for this week…

Alex the bartender at The Oceannaire Atlanta. I had the pleasure of having her serve my group on Sunday afternoon. There is a lot to be said about barkeeps who are also artisans. If you are in the area I recommend you stop by for the BBQ Bloody Mary.

These loafers from J.Crew. They are only $278.00 so I know several of you will buy them for me. I am a size 11 thanks.

Instacart!!! I was so sad when Webvan left the scene so many years ago and hoped someone would fill the home grocery delivery service void in the Atlanta area. A whole new level of laziness will commence now!

NYDJs makes the most perfect jeans and pants for my 43 year-old butt and thighs. Why can’t other jean designers get it right???

Catherine McCord’s (@weelicious) #camplunch and #weelunch posts on Twitter. These bento-sized food combos are easy to make and good for everyone’s lunch box.

Hip Warenhuisje on Pinterest. This shop from the Netherlands has the cutest things for the home on their site http://www.hipwarenhuisje.nl. While the website is totally in Dutch, their Pinterest posts speak the international language of perfection.

Design Love Fest’s Dress Your Tech computer, tablet and phone wallpaper. Yes I have changed the wallpaper on my computer nearly every day this week. AND?!?!?!



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