I Would Punch You In the Face for One of These


I have had these at parties before.  I have had them made with Ritz crackers as well as saltines. The only problem I have with these crackers is that it is bad to punch people in the face in order to take their crackers.  I’m not violent (OK maybe a wee bit), I just really love salt and cheese. The recipe is so simple …

Saltines topped with cayenne pepper, and grated cheddar cheese. Then they are broiled to melt the cheese; then baked at the lowest temp the oven can get for about an hour to cook in the yumminess.

There have been a few posts of this concept on Pinterest where the cheese covered crackers are just nuked in the microwave. Ugh! Come on people. If you are gonna be that ratchet you may as well stick with Cheeze Whiz. At least that stuff has come kitsch factor.

I recommend you use an entire box of crackers when you make these so there will be no fights. Even if it is just you at home, go ahead and make that whole box. You don’t want to beat yourself up because you did not make enough.

Happy binge snacking!!!

Photo courtesy of Matt Long at Flickr Commons


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