I am a mom you know.

I’m Not One of Those Am I?

This weekend the Mom 2.0 Summit is in Atlanta. This annual conversation of moms and marketers has been off of my radar until now. I found out about it days before it began and had one of those Lord that looks amazing! God why is it sold out? moments. Then I thought,  My blog isn’t a Mommy Blog is it? Or is it? Does it have to me “mom” focused for me to attend?

I have been under the assumption that I don’t write for THAT audience.  My topics usually include my career,  life goals, cocktails, Dragon Con, and my family.  I’m not known for my coupon clipping strategies or tips for washing cloth diapers.  Isn’t that what Mommy Blogs are all about? How would I fit in with that group? Call me a dreamer but I believe that it is possible to love craft cocktails without being one of those psycho wine-o mommies. Good Lord Betty Ford those women are tragic! (Don’t know what I am talking about? Google “Moms and Drinking” and prepare for the train wreck)

Me and the hubby having cocktails

The hubby and I enjoying Sunday cocktails after a walk in the park. The kid was sleeping in his stroller when this was taken. Beverage life balance.

I am used to being an outsider and being the one thing that is not like the others. Look at the top of this page. It says “The Only Black Girl in the Room”. I am used to not really belonging in any category and I thought the same held true in this situation.  But it turns out that I am not the only one. I am not the only mom who also craves a nice home, (moderately) organized toys, a healthy marriage, success in the workplace, and new shoes. I have found several blogs from women who are balancing those same things while curating some fabulous Pinterest boards. These are women with whom I feel a kindred spirit. There are many types of mothers and no matter what your story, if your is a kid involved in any of them – you qualify.

Maybe I can fit in this category.

It is not only the working mom bloggers who I learn from. I find many of the blogs entertaining for many different reasons. Who doesn’t like Design Mom and Mommypotamus? The food. The photos. The living in Paris, France!

We all have stories to tell. “Mommy Blog” is not a one-sided being; but a community.  When we welcomed Aaron into our home my husband and I agreed that he was joining our team, we were not submitting to a new dictator. He was added to our list of loves. He did not replace them all. This is my story to tell and I will do it to the best of my ability.

My name is Maria and I have a Mommy Blog.



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