Stokke baby

Stokked Over Our Stokke

Stokke baby!

Stokke at Centennial Olympic Park!

We have had a total of four strollers so far and our son isn’t even three yet!

1.  A  mini one that was perfect for quick shopping runs; but became too small for his mega thighs shortly before he turned one.

2. A green standard sized stroller with a matching carseat that was a pain getting in and out of the car

3. A glorious BOB jogging stroller that is able to navigate every nook and crack of our intown neighborhood sidewalks, and the mixed terrain of Piedmont Park.

4. A $15.00 umbrella stoller that was an easier to remove from the trunk alternative to the green one; but has no maneuverability. Also there is no storage underneath and hanging a purse on it is not an option!

We gave the tiny one away to friends who had a baby small enough to fit into it. We use the BOB for all off-roading adventures; but it isn’t the easiest getting out of the trunk. Although the $15.00 one served us well, you can only take tiny steps behind it or risk stepping on the wheels.  The green one was not an easy one-handed one like I needed ; but it was free. Somehow free trumped any drama I may have had with it. Why pay for one?

I recently bit the bullet and got a stroller that makes us all happy. We have a Stokke!

I was apprehensive about getting another stroller as Aaron is nearly three; but when he gets tired of walking my back gets tired of carrying him (did I mention I herniated two discs shortly after he was born?) The Stokke Scoot is easy to open and close, a breeze to get out of the car and the kid loves it. The size is perfect and will hold him up to 55 pounds!

Stokke baby

Aaron is as happy as a clam in this!

One friend gave away her strollers once her son could walk more. We have always kept a stroller around for long walks and visits to the flea market where his little legs weren’t up to the task. This has been our favorite of all of the ones we have owned. I highly recommend you consider the Scoot or another from their line of strollers.

I think Aaron’s favorite part is that he sits higher in this one that all the others. Every kid wants a greater view of the world and this stroller givse him that. Of course he has the option to lay back in the stroller if the view begins to bore him.

Learn more about the Stokke Scoot by clicking here.


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