Looking Forward to It

Two of my friend’s sons enjoying the moment

I try to enjoy being in the moment; however sometimes having a busy schedule makes me look forward to more things I plan to do in the future. As I sit here relaxing in a sea of Friday optimism  I think about the days that lays ahead of me…..a picnic in the park tomorrow, morning coffee on the patio, baking strawberry muffins for this week’s breakfasts, having an old friend and a soon to be new one stop buy for a visit and doing some mega writing as I am slightly behind on my 50,000 word goal for the Camp NaNoWriMo

Looking beyond this weekend, I will am looking forward to:

Attending a two-day writer’s retreat here
Getting around to painting our dining room this color
Visiting this beautiful place for work and a mini-vacay
Taking a trip to East Atlanta to eat at this spot

All daydreaming aside, the number one thing that I really need to do is clean the bathrooms. Reality check! 

Spend a little bit of time enjoying the moments and have a great weekend. 


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