Shoes So Nice…

We bought them twice

For some reason our soon to be 2 year-old has some very strong fashion opinions. He will ask to wear a robot t-shirt, his Elmo pajamas and always wants to wear these shoes. “Okar shoes”, he will say at the breakfast table.

These Oscar the Grouch shoes are wide and weird looking and he asks for them just about everyday. He asks for them so often in fact that I drove all the way to a suburban Stride Rite outlet today to buy him a second pair in the next size up. A task that wouldn’t be so awful if the asking price wasn’t $34.00! At the outlet! For toddler shoes!

I called ahead and had the magical footwear put on hold. When the sales lady handed me the box he followed it with his eyes closely (I swear he recognized the box), then grabbed for them as soon as I took the lid off. “Okar shoes”, he exclaimed joyously. You would have thought he was Carrie Bradshaw and they were a pair of Jimmy Choos. He wanted the new pair as well as the lone sample shoe that sat on the display counter. What had fueled this Oscar passion and what did we have to look forward to him coveting in the future? Heaven only knows but I do know he better get a job…quickly. Mommy and daddy will only fund fabulous footwear until he is able to work legally. Then he will have to flip burgers for the latest Nikes and throwback Adidas.


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