Aaron is officially off of the pacifier! After having losing it during the night and not crying for it we decided to put him down without it. He cried for it for only a minute then fell asleep and slept through the night. That was about three nights ago and he has been without it since. I am so proud of him and so relieved that we haven’t had to do some of the tricks and schemes that friends have to rid him of the addiction.

Pacifier-free Aaron

The Paci Fairy seems to be the most popular way to break older kids of the habit. Convincing them that this fairy must give their pacis to tiny babies who need them has been the key to success for many of my friends. Aaron is too young for fairy stories so we had to do it cold turkey and I was skeptical as to what would happen with this method.

In talking to a friend who is a dental assistant I have learned that now we need to be on the lookout for finger interest. If he begins sucking fingers we need to give him back the pacifier immediately. They are specially made to correctly form teeth while fingers and thumbs are not. My husband and I agree that we are saving for college and not orthodontia and are now on finger watch. 

The joys of parenting continue.


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