Peanut Soup? I’ll Give It a Try: Part 2

I went to the store today and got all of the ingredients that I was lacking to make the peanut soup. Fresh ginger, yummy non-sweatshop shrimp, cilantro and spinach filled my cart. I was so excited to get started on this Thai sounding dish from Africa.

As luck would have it, when I walked through my front door a tantalizing smell greeted me. My husband had prepared a dinner of grilled salmon with dill and lemons. With a side of corn on the cob and green beans it was a very tasty meal and obviously I did not make the soup. My need for seafood had already been answered.

Today is only Tuesday though and the salmon is nearly done. I am pretty sure my better half will have finished it off for lunch. Unless I get to it first for breakfast. But for dinner…peanut soup you will be mine.

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