Motivate Me TEDx

While at the office yesterday I fought most of the day with my still present vacation mental hangover. To save my brain from crossing wires and truly shorting out, I turned on the live stream of the TEDx Atlanta. “The Edge of the South” was the theme and the mix of speakers ranged from a 17-year old Google award winner who is doing breast cancer research to the owners of the denim line Imogene and Willie. The passion, grit and tenacity of every individual who speaks at TED events always blows me away and this group. This group did not fail to live up to the past talks I have listened to.

When I am questioning creative ideas or anything else in my life it is these types of visionaries who bring me back to center and allow me to regain control of all of the ideas.

Who or what does that for you?

If receiving a mental enema sounds like a good time to you, November 2nd TEDx will host there next gathering titled Transcend. Visit the website for more information and for tickets to this inspiring and moving experience.

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