Geek Juice

Always needing to flex my creative self after a long day at work, I sat down this evening to work on these beauties. They are two of several nerd themed magnets I am doing for the next Free Art Friday Atlanta. They are made from 3.5 discs I saved from decades of landfill living. Gold leaf paint does wonders doesn’t it?

It also does wonders if you are looking to get a contact high or a headache. I have both right now!

For those of you who don’t know, the first Friday of every month is Free Art Friday in Atlanta. Local artists put out small pieces of their work with photo clues of where to find them on Twitter. I have been a hunter of the work for a while now and just last month decided to be a “maker” and not a “taker”. The process of creating the pieces and then seeing the excitement when someone posts that they found your work is amazing.

The next Free Art Friday is September 7th. Be sure to search #FAFATL on Twitter for hidden art around the city. Good luck

Now I’m off to open a window. I’m a little light headed.

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