Keeping It Local

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Indie Craft Experience. It is an amazing event that features many of your local favorite craft kings and queens who usually haunt Some of my favorites who were on hand included Fattycakes(stuffed toys and fabric goodness), R.Land(funky art), and Urbnpop (sweet zombie themed pieces).

Buying from these local artisans was my weekly “Kepping It Local” deed. My goal is to at least once a week spend a few bucks with a local business owner who I think are the back bone of our communities. Usually that ends up being King of Pops, Octane Coffee House or Sublime Donuts. Why get a so-so latte from Starbucks when you can buy from an award winning (no lie) barista at Octane in the Westside! It is like taking a sip of heaven. Often the effort doesn’t even mean you must make an extra stop. When you are at the grocery store how about picking up a Sweetwater, Monday Night Brewing Company or Wild Haven sixpack instead of the Sam Adams. Now if your usual beer is Miller Lite then I really cannot help you. You need help with buying REAL beer, not buying LOCAL beer.

When I have talked about buying American and buying local in groups of people before I have often been met with such comments as, “Don’t you believe in capitalism?”, or, “Don’t you want to get the best price?” The fact of the matter is I more so believe in keeping my fellow neighbor employed so his/her house dosen’t go into foreclosure bringing down my property value! And when it comes to the price, I am willing to spend a few more nickels knowing that the money is staying in my neighborhood instead of going to another country. Aren’t those ideas we all can get behind???

So why don’t you give it a shot. All it takes is one purchase a week. This can be picking up a bag of greens at the local weekly farmers market, buying the new independent brew on the shelves at Hop City or a giving a holiday gift from the hundreds of local artists who call this city home. Whatever you choose just keep it local.


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