Ode to Libraries and Pork

I just got this awesome book at the library. Do you remember those? The one I go to with my class is always hopping and now they actually have a book sale going on. I went apeshit in it today as I also found this book:

I forgot that all of this written/picture -filled glory is free there.

Anyway back to the Pork book. When I saw this on the shelf it called to me. It is pink and it had the word pork in the title! Also it is a Phaidon book and they always have beautiful photos inside. But it is not just a pretty cover. The inside is filled with recipes for all parts of the pig. Chorizo and Mozzarella tapas and Boston butt cooked in beer! Are you kidding me?

I have already found it for sale on Amazon and will be buying it soon. I hope to try a few of these recipes soon and will post the results. But when you are cooking with pork you can’t go wrong.

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