Dear Crayola

Dear Crayola,

You guys need to step up to the plate ok? I have a son who is nearing 6 months of age. When he reaches the crucial coloring years there will need to be a better selection of flesh color options. We are a highyellow people you must understand, so the Brown won’t work for us.

I know you all killed the one called Flesh several years ago because that did not match everyone’s actual flesh and I understand that. So I went on a search.

I found your list of colors and I have to say I am saddened by the names. It would appear my closest two options are called Sepia and Beaver. Are you mother-freaking-kidding me???! Sepia has never been a good word for me. It sounds slightly mildewish. And Beaver??? Do I need to say what is wrong with this one?

While we are on the topic of names thanks for finally changing Indian Red to Chestnut. Sadly it took till 1999 for that to happen.

Anyway can’t you simply make a nice mochachino color. And give it a good name? I totally won’t find it racist if you name it Obama or Lenny Kravitz! My kid will know that that is HIS color immediately.

I have heard that the swirl rules the world!

Make it happen…



One thought on “Dear Crayola

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