Dear City of Atlanta

I know that in a city this size one may encounter some pot holes from time to time. They do happen. However I am not sure if what I drive past each morning is a pothole or gateway to hell. I am hoping for pothole as I doubt that Atlanta’s door to hell would be that close to Sublime Donuts (which I think is proof of a higher power).

If you are familiar with Midtown you know exactly where I am talking about. The stretch of 10th Street between Northside Drive an Hemphill. Many tries have been made to patch the holes but I think for each hole filled the beast sprouts two more that are larger and deeper than the one filled. An arial shot of the road probably resembles a patchwork quilt as patches overlap patches which overlap patches. 

So I ask you Atlanta, can you just close that part of 10th off for about a week? Yep, shut it down and dig it up. Get out all of the old piled up tar and old road and start fresh.  Or am I the only one who thinks you can’t cure cancer with a bandaid?

I can park my car a few blocks away and walk to my donuts. I need the cardio after eating all of those calories anyway.  

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