Dance girl dance

I will admit I am late to the Wendy Williams game. Living in Atlanta I never listened her radio show and only learned of her shooting from the tit interview style after the infamous Whitney Houston episode.

Break to December 2010. I go on maternity leave and I flip the channels and land on her show. She is obviously not petite (six feet I think). And she is simply telling it like it is. She says what everyone else is thinking but are too wuss to say. I can see how people may think she is a bit harsh and brash. Apparently she really pissed Method Man off by asking questions concerning his wifes health. While I do believe that every person has a right to their personal life she is asking the same questions you know you would ask if you were in her size 11 shoes. I love this girl.

She is now blowing up all over the place and is shaking her rump on Dancing with the Stars. Apparently she is a bit self conscious and is having to work at becoming comfortable with her dancing self. She placed near the bottom of the votes and will need to work to pull up her numbers. This makes me see her as an even better person because even though she has never done anything like this before she is trying it. She is giving it a shot and I say hats off to her. She may not win but man is she getting a killer workout in the process.

Another reason to watch: Ralph Macchio is on there and that dude is 49! Does he look it? No. He still looks twelve. Sold his soul to the devil I tells ya!!

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